...college life memories...

...college life memories...
Sweet N Sour

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Latest Lesson

I had been introduced to HTML learning lately..
It is quite difficult..
it's confusing me with the code..
but i can cope it..
the most interesting part is i had being introduced to Apple MAC Os...

Computing Project - Sem 4

Have u ever imagine THIS??!
Well..this is NOT a REALITY..
just pretending to having a band and snap some picture..
For some info.
This happened in sem4..
the four of us had being signed to do a project on band..
so we made a decision to be the band model by ourself..
it's kind of weird having me wearing this kind of style...
but this is one of the sweetest memory in college..

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My College Life

My life in College is going to be the sweetest memory in my life.
Getting knew with lot's of friends and people from different state and culture make me feels that the world is open wide
The experience and the excitement is the most memorable moment that I had ever experienced.
Having a good friends here is like being in a big family with a great sisterhood feelings.
By the way, i came to this college with my bestfriends Sharija and Pietha.
We were friends since we was 15 years old and together we enter the college life.
It makes us gets much closer with each other and it is great to experienced the college world with your bestfriend.
In the college I got to know with Huda and Sarah and Syakirah(our little sister), we get along each other since we were sem 1.
Experienced the hard life and go through all of it together is the most valuable thing that i will remember till the end



Pietha and Sharija

Me and Huda

Me and Sarah

Me and Syakirah

The Trio


Wednesday, February 3, 2010


4hb~7hb - cuti nadwah...balik umah adik..
12hb~16hb - chinese new year...balik kelate..
25hb~6hb3 - mid term break.....balik kelate..

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sweet Memories when I involved in JPA...
This picture had been captured before the practice(a week before the camping)...
Jabatan Pertahanan Awam ;P

...My new Hobbies lately...

well, to be honest I'm kind of nerd person that only love to reading novels and listening to the music...
Before this, I just being static towards my hobbies.
which means I didn't used to change it or doing other's thing.
but FYI...
since entering the tertiary level and this college life..
I think some of my hobbies and interest had change a bit...

For the first sem - I like to spend my time at the college...
second sem - love being at outside rather then in college...
third sem - love to go outing and hang out with my friends...
forth sem - the senior year (like to watch the freshee with their innoncent face)
fifth sem(this year) - just being focus with my HTML studies...(which need lots of exercise)

Love being here sooo much!!
...Friendship 4eva...